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"TAPPAN" documentary circa 1965

Tappan Oral History Project

We are looking for interested people willing to share their stories, on tape, for our Oral History Project. 
Who can participate? Long-time Tappan residents - current or former - who are willing to be tape recorded.
What does it entail? A 60-90 minute interview covering your memories and stories of Tappan.
Do I have to be an expert on the history of Tappan? No. We want to hear about your experiences and what it was like living here.
What happens after the interview? The interviews are transcribed and uploaded to the Hudson River Valley Heritage website. There they will be avaialbe for the public to listen to.

Call 845-359-3877 or email tappanlibrary at if you are interested or have any questions.

Recent interviews:

Eliot and Raleigh Tozer

Eliot and Betty with children Eliot, Raleigh, Joel, Geoffrey, and Donna in birth order
circa 1965 - photo courtsey of Raleigh Tozer.

A Historical Walk Through Tappan

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