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  I hereby apply for a Tappan Library card and attest to the fact that I am 18 years or older. I agree to comply with the regulations of the library. I accept responsibility for all use made, including any fines or fees, of this card and agree to immediately report loss of card or change of address to the Library.
Residency Requirement:
  Yes, I understand I need to provide proof of identity and residence in-person at the library before my card is activated. I will bring in the proper form(s) of ID so the Library can activate my card.

  No, I am not sure if I can produce proper documentation. Please contact me to discuss other forms of proof.
Unfortunately, we cannot process requests for replacement card via the online request form at this time. All outstanding fines/fees must be paid before a new card can be issued. There is a $1 replacement charge for lost or damaged cards. Please come into the Library and fill out the appropriate paperwork.